5 Days of DEALS

Dec 3rd – Dec 7th


5 Days of DEALS

Tuesday December 3rd – Saturday December 7th

Check Back each night for details…. Each Deal will be posted here and in your Email Inbox each day  🙂


DAY #5:  Gift Cards = Free $$ for YOU!  💰💲

BUY $100 in Gift Card(s) (or More…) =  💰Get Money in Your BP Account 💰

Today, For Every $100 in Gift Card(s) you purchase, we’ll put $10 BP Money into YOUR account.  (Up to $100 in BP money credited to your account! Woot 🙌 )
So you can buy $100 Gift Cards for 10 of your friends, or $1000 for your FAVOURITE friend, 😜 and you’ll get $100 of BP credit to spend on yourself!
And HEY, if the person buying the Gift Card(s) WISHES to give U the $10 BP credit, they can let us know when they are purchasing and we’ll make sure it all goes to you. ♥️
So… Easy….  #makeshoppingeasy  #beyourownsanta
Shop at the Studio for physical Gift Card in our Tiffany Blue box, OR Shop Online here.
***note: Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for money and are non-refundable

the Beach Pilates


Nov 11 – Dec 1



You DID IT!!!  Congratulations!
BIG Congratulations to ALL of the 3 Week Challengers…. Way – To – Go !!!



HERE’S WHO  EARNED 1000 Points…. Woot!  
You’ll get $10 of BP money into your account:
  • AND ….. you’re automatically entered into The Grand Prize Draw for:  Private Session (3 prizes), and the draw for a FREE Monthly Membership (1 prize)
  • Cindy B.
  • Jane B.
  • Stephanie M.
  • Frank A.
  • Emanuela C.
  • Sharley H.
  • Christine C.
  • Yevgeniya P.
  • Robin O.
  • Dominiques G.
  • Sam H.
  • Martha E.
  • Gina H.
  • Chelsea S.


TOP 3 POINTS Earners:    you’ll receive a one-time 50% OFF your choice of the following (to be used towards your next purchase):
    • Cindy B.   2000 points  (lady!  you did TWO Challenges-in-1!!!)
    • Jane B.     1900 points  (Wow!!  Just Awesome!!!)
    • Stephanie M.    1750 points  (Amaze-balls Steph!)



  1. Martha E.  – you’ve won a Private Session
  2. Gina H.  – you’ve won a Private Session
  3. Robin O.  –  you’ve won a Private Session
  4. and Dominiques G. —- You’ve won a Monthly Unlimited Membership.