Flip Flop Feet  WORKSHOP

Sunday October 29th

1:00pm – 3:00pm


From Feet to Seat

Sunday October 29th — 1:00-3:00pm


Flip Flop FEET – a Foot Workshop from the ground, up

Our toes & feet are connected to our hips/glutes and core!
Do you suffer with:
• stiff, sore feet,
• bunions,
• weak arches,
• rigid arches,
• plantar fasciitis,
• weak ankles,
• foot & ankle pain,
• tight lower legs & ankles…??
Then THIS workshop is for YOU… (and your tootsies)
These all affect our whole body – even just in our standing stance, not to mention our gait (walking) patterns.
It’s a trickle-effect from the ground up folks.
We need to strengthen & stretch our feet and toes through functional movement to connect these links and create a stable body from the ground up.
Join us at Beach Pilates, as owner/Master Instructor Laura Lynn Harry, takes you through a Feet to Seat workshop.  Learn exercises and tools to strengthen and mobilize your toes & feet — Feel it all the way from your Feet to your Seat (and core!).  Stand strong, walk with confidence and find more ease of movement.
**You’ll receive handouts and a take-home kit **
* (There will also be professional tools and kits sold at the studio)
Cost:  $40 + Hst
** 15 person maximum

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