We’re Updating Our Service Options and Pricing on September 2, 2019
As a valued member of our Beach Pilates family, we want to keep you informed of updates and provide you with quality programs and services. On September 2, 2019, we will be adjusting our service options to be simpler and more user-friendly. This will provide our clients greater freedom, make purchase selection easier, and the pricing will better reflect realities of our market.
For the past 6 years, since the opening of the studio, we have not increased our pricing schedule to keep pace with inflation, economic pressures, and financial trends in our industry and location. Thus, to remain competitive and to keep our services at its high standard, some of our fees will have a modest increase to help us maintain and improve your experience at the studio.
With these adjustments, it will help us care for our equipment and facilities and will help us continue to deliver high calibre services to better serve you, our valued members. We also hope that it will make application of purchase options easier and provide you greater opportunity to add variety to your workouts.
For more information about the updated pricing that is effective as of September 2, 2019, please see below and click on link, or contact us at 416-207-9221 or via email*
If you would like to take advantage of the current pricing and purchase options, you may continue to buy packages and 1 (one) additional Monthly Membership at the current price, between now and September 1, 2019.
On behalf of all of us at Beach Pilates, I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued enthusiastic support for our studio. We are all so grateful for your loyalty, your care, and your commitment.
With gratitude and thanks,
Laura Lynn
Owner / Master Instructor