** NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 and our (finally!) ability to reopen, and in order to maintain required physical distancing, we are currently offering In-Studio Private and Duo Sessions.

Also NOTE:   ONLINE sessions are also available, and these are done with the equipment that the participant has at home.   We are not renting out our large equipment.

Work one-on-one (Private) or with a friend (Duo) to fully enjoy the Pilates method using all of the Equipment in our studio (OR, for ONLINE sessions, the student will use what they have at hand/in home.
Private sessions are a perfect way to help with any physical injuries that may inhibit you from participating in Group Classes or that you may be post-rehabilitating.

As well, you’ll get ALL of the personal attention to detail during your session, to kick things up a notch (or.. if you prefer, to work on particular exercises or areas of interest for you).

Suitable for all ages, from beginner to advanced participants, you’ll get customized sessions that are tailored to your goals and needs.
Private or Duo sessions are recommended for all new participants to Pilates, to help assess and offer any modifications that might be helpful for the participant when entering Group classes — these are not mandatory, but a very effective way to get the most out of your workouts.

Master Instructor

*Laura Lynn is a 2nd Generation Master Pilates Instructor. She has 2 Full Comprehensive Pilates Certifications (STOTT & BASI certified) as well as having trained in the Master/Mentor program with Rael Isacowitz and Laura Lynn was invited into & completed a 2 Year MASTER program with Lolita SanMiguel (1st generation instructor).  She is currently studying to complete her full certification in the  Classical Pilates Method with UNO Pilates ® (2019-2021).

As well, Laura Lynn has studied extensively in the US and Canada with special interest in Foot mechanics, Shoulder, Pelvis and Pelvic Floor, Complete Cadaver Dissection with Gil Hedley, fully Jumpstart trained in the M.A.T. (muscle activation technique)Technique, a 1st Level Hypopressive (Low Pressure Fitness) Instructor, Garuda® trained in Mat, Barre and Roller, the 1st in Canada to be certified SpringTone® instructor, and completed a full Pilates Rehabilitation program after completing her 1st comprehensive Pilates certification. Laura Lynn is 1 of 50 Level 3 FST® Fascial Stretch Therapists in Canada. These and several more courses and workshops (too many to list) have added to Laura Lynn’s expertise in movement prescription and knowledge.

She is a Master Trainer for bootybarre® throughout Canada.

Fully Certified Instructor

Work one-on-one with a Fully Certified Pilates Instructor to fully enjoy the Pilates method using all of the equipment in our Equipment studio.

*Fully Certified Instructors have been educated & have performed over 500 hours of training before testing and examinations & then granted their certification. These instructors are also certified in other disciplines such as yoga, indoor cycling, fitness trainer certifications and more, thus adding experience to their knowledge base.

They have interests and are qualified to work with clients with scoliosis, low back pain, shoulder issues, and more, and they continue to upgrade their qualifications yearly.

Hypopressive (Low Pressure Fitness)

Hypopressive™ Method is also known as Low Pressure Fitness.  With Low Pressure Fitness, you will experience an amazingly safe way to exercise the core and pelvic floor with strong results.  This is an especially effective way to train the core Post Partum / Post Natal, and it is recommended to start this training BEFORE any other type of exercise as a Post Natal client.Hypopressive™ is a term used to describe a decrease or reduction in pressure, and Low Pressure Fitness is a breathing & postural form of exercise designed specifically to target the core without inflicting detrimental pressure to the abdominal wall or pelvic floor.Low Pressure Fitness is a safe and effective way to train those muscles that are needed to withstand any problematic pressure resulting from our everyday living (coughing/sneezing etc..) or exercise; allowing us to safely and confidently continue doing the activities we love.

* Do you have a persistent cough?  Allergies? Asthma? Clearing your throat often?  These can contribute to a weak abdominal/pelvic cavity, leaving you vulnerable to SUI (stress urinary incontinence – yes, men too!).  Low Pressure Fitness CAN help.

Low Pressure Fitness is a set of breathing and postural exercises that have you using a great number of core muscles and help increase inner muscular strength by decreasing inner abdominal pressure. Not only are they very effective excercises for preventing some types of pathology, they also improve your sports performance as well as  toning your midsection and improving your resting abdominal tone. (no more ‘sucking it in’!)Low Pressure Fitness boasts a long list of benefits, among which it is worth noting: postural re-education, toning of the abdomino-perineal muscles, reducing waist size, preventing incontinence and a significant improvement in the quality of sex life.

* It can be especially effective for anyone experiencing:  

Prolapse (Stage 1 & 2 ), Incontinence, Diastasis Recti, Post Natal, postural issues such as scoliosis.  Low Pressure Fitness has great results with gaining greater functionality of the core and prevention of hernias.

**  NOT suitable for:   PreNatal clientele

Proven Benefits of HYPOPRESSIVE™ Method:

• Reduces waist size and flattens the abdominal wall
• Increases abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone
• Prevention and treatment of incontinence, prolapse and hernias
• Increases explosive strength and anaerobic capacity for sports performance
• Raises metabolism
• Aids in improvement of sexual function(women AND men)
• Improves posture (especially posterior chain)
• Activates the sympathetic nervous system



$ 120

Single Session


$ 1100

10 Sessions


$ 100

55 minutes


$ 60

30 Minutes


$ 90

Single Session


$ 850

10 Sessions



$ N/A

Single Session (Per Person)


$ 55

Single Session (Per Person)


$ 500

10 Sessions (Per Person)