Studio Policies


Payment in full is required prior to scheduling or participating in any studio activities.  Beach Pilates accepts Visa, MasterCard, Debit, cheque and cash.  You can pay in person at the studio or online with our Online Scheduler

Our Reservation Cancellation Policy

We’re not really fond of policies… But as a business that’s based on respecting our participants’ and instructors’ time, and with limited spaces available, we needed to put this in here.  We have a limited number of spaces and machines for classes and Appointment sessions.  If you cancel at the last minute, that’s a spot that could’ve gone to someone else, hence our Reservation Cancellation Policy.

Late Cancellations & No Shows will be charged the following fee(s):

  • $10 for Late Cancels (for Unlimited Membership holders e.g.. Monthly Unlimited Membership,  Spin Unlimited Membership, Couples Unlimited Membership…)
  • $15 for No Shows      (for Unlimited Membership holders (as mentioned above))
  • Full class will be forfeited for Single Drop In classes or Class Packs  (i.e.. Mat 10 Pack, Spin 10 Pack, 8-Packs, 6-Packs, Reformer 10 Pack, Packages with Limited classes attached (the I Want It All Package) … ) – NO extra fee (shown above) will be added – Only the Full class will be forfeited.

A Late Cancellation is anyone who cancels with less than:

  • 6 hours for Mat classes or bootybarre® classes  (Mat classes take place in our big studio and can also include: Pilates Yoga Flow, Hypopressives, LifeStretch®, Roll & Release, Core and Roll, etc…)
  • 12 hours for Limited Space classes:  TRX®, any spin classes,  Reformer,  Tower, SpringTone® , and Bootcamp
  • 24 hours for Private sessions, Duo or FST™ appointments

Respecting this policy respects our teachers’ time, and allows others to take your spot in the class.    As well, accountability matters in your progress and fitness.  Our policy adds one more reason to come to class… get a great workout and feel better as a result.

— ??  What happens if you cancel a class with less than the above mentioned time?…….  The cancellation policy will be applied at that time.

  • Reminder…. Monthly Unlimited Membership holders will be charged a $10 fee for Late Cancels.  For ‘No-Shows’ Monthly Unlimited Members will be charged a $15 fee — again, this is a space that could have gone to someone else.

How to Cancel Your Class…..(*easiest way:  get our APP…)

As you signed up for the class online or on your APP, you can just as easily and conveniently cancel the class online or on the APP.  It merely takes a moment.  We cannot accept cancellations by email -as  many emails can end up Lost in Space, or may come during closed hours, at which time, cannot be processed or applied to assist another person to be alerted to join the class…….     *(If you’ve paid by Debit, Visa/MC,  Cheque or Cash – once you have paid, we will create an account for you which you can access online at any time to sign yourself up for classes or sessions and also to be able to cancel)

During regular business hours, we can accept cancellations by phone, however, this does not change the Cancellation Policy timeline noted above.  It’s actually easier to do it online – this way you can also view how many classes you have in your account, and see what classes you have coming up.  Keeping track of your schedule is your responsibility.

Call us at:   416-207-9221

Even easier??…. Just get our APP so that you’ve got easy access and ability to sign up, early cancel and check your schedule right at your fingertips!

—–??  Remember, for Private or Semi Private sessions, please cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled time.

The Wait List

Just because a class appears to be full, doesn’t always mean it’s going to STAY full.   Stuff happens.   Someone might cancel out of class….. (and it was so easy!)…..  So add yourself to the wait list and you just might get in!  That being said:  once you are ON the WaitList, you’re assuming the responsibility of checking your schedule and if, for whatever reason, you’ve changed your plans, you must ALSO Cancel yourself OFF of the WaitList.  *If you receive notification that “You’ve Been Added to the Class” and call us to say that ‘I’m not available’… well, this as well, is taking a spot that someone could have used.  If you are on the Wait List, you are assuming the understanding that should you get put into the class, All Cancellation Policies apply to you.    Once you have been added INTO the class from the WaitList, you are assuming the responsibility of being signed up for the class, and Late Cancel/No Show charges  WILL apply.

How this works…..    when trying to book a class, if it asks if you want to be on be on the wait list, click to sign up for the Wait List!   An automatic email or text message will be sent to you once a spot opens up.

NOTE:  If the email instructions or the text message requires a response from you, this is your responsibility to do so, and to check your own schedule to confirm.

**** If you have reserved a space in class and are going to be late, please let the studio know.  (416)207-9221   Otherwise, your spot may be made available to others at class start time.


Although we can’t accept cancellations by email, we still love using it!   We’ll do the majority of our communication via email.  It’s the easiest way to send Wait List notifications, Receipts, Confirmations and Cancellations (through automatic system).   Be sure you have an active email address in your account profile, and that you are set within your profile, to receive Notifications.  Otherwise, you may NOT be receiving notice of WaitLists and/or class information.  We will never share or sell your private information.

Please add   to your contact list, address book or whitelist.  This assures that our emails get through your spam filter.

The APP….

Get our custom APP here…

If you need help, come in or call in and we’ll do our best to help you with this.

Other interesting stuff:

  • No transfers or refunds of Session Packs  (5 Pack / 10 Pack…) or memberships
  • Payment for all classes and sessions must be paid prior to the class/session start time.
  • There is a $25 fee for all returned cheques.