Cycle Sauna (Add On)

Sauna Cycle /Sweat Therapy in our Exclusive medical grade far-infrared sauna!  Amazing detoxification benefits, in a comfortable heat that is NOT your average sauna.  Our far-infrared sauna will be heated well below the temperature of usual steam/wet saunas.  You will Sweat and receive a cardio workout as you cycle on our comfortable top of the line Lemond bikes for up to 20 minutes.  This is NOT a spin class, however we do cycle to music. A fast pace is not emphasized here, but rather slow increases of resistance to help encourage sweat and detoxification.
** Bring your water bottle 🙂  See the website for all of the amazing benefits of our far-infrared sauna.

Cycle Sauna (Open)

The same amazing benefits of our far infrared medical grade sauna cycle ride, but come in on your own or with friends during Open available hours.  You’ll see in the schedule under Appointments, at what times the Sauna Cycle room is Open for you to come in and reap the rewards of sweating in this gentle but extremely effective far infrared sauna.   This appointment will not have an instructor leading you, but we will have music available for some ambiance.  We suggest starting at 10 minutes, but as you progress, you’ll be able to ride comfortably for up to 20-30 minutes (max).
*  It is very important that you hydrate yourself well prior to your Sauna Cycle ride, as well as during and defnintely afterwards and throught your day/evening following.
**  Please see our page dedicated to information on the Sauna Cycle room.

Cycle Sauna (Unheated)

For longer cycling sessions, we recommend unheated sessions of 55 minutes. Check our schedule for times and instructors.


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