Using our top of the line Lemond Revmaster Sport bikes – smooth and customizable fit for each person.  Our pedals are SPD clip compatible or you can use indoor runners.

Pedal Pump

Pedal & Pump® is a 45 minute cycling class (spin) that is designed to energize and challenge your entire body.  We ride on top-of-the-line Lemond Revmaster Sport bikes – very smooth and completely customizable to fit YOU.
Our signature Pedal & Pump® class is a Full-body workout, complete with upper body and ab work during the class.
Everybody works at their own level and we all work toward pedalling to the beat of the music…. It’s good to have goals to challenge ourselves  🙂
We hope that each rider has an experience that drives them toward greatness for themselves.  It’s all about connecting to ourselves during the ride – to our breath, to our legs, our heart, our arms, our thoughts.
This is a FUN, non-intimidating, inspiring and energetic class — and you will sweat!   Bring a water bottle 😉

*  Our pedals are SPD clip compatible or you can use indoor runners.

Road Race

This 75 minute cycling class is an endurance ride, delivering a similar ride as you might find outdoors.  Challenge yourself in this next-level class, perfect to keep you working just as hard as you would out on the road.  This is a team ride – we all ride together as a pack – encouraging each other to find our deeper strength.

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