Pilates Mat Foundations

Pilates Mat Foundations is where you begin your Pilates journey. If you are new to Pilates this is a required group class to start you on your way to better posture, stronger core muscles, stable joints, and increased flexibility and mobility. You’ll learn how to apply the Basic Principles of Pilates that are used continually within each exercise of this essential level, (as well as every level) as you increase body awareness and coordination.
Don’t be shy — Modifications are always given and we always have fun!

Pilates Mat Control

Pilates Mat Control is the next level after Foundations – you’ve learned the basics and now you are ready to continue developing full-body strength, flexibility and co-ordination into your weekly routine. Variations and modifications are always given to accommodate all levels and abilities – which makes this class perfect to re-visit anytime along your Pilates journey.
* this class may use props such as: balls, Therabands, Magic circle, hand weights, foam rollers, etc. to either assist or challenge you. There is a deliberate pace to each exercise…. we want you to feel it all.

Pilates Mat Challenge

…just like it says… you’ll be challenged on the Mat! This Intermediate to intermediate/advanced mat class will have you focusing more deeply as you move with fluidity, precision and a more determined & moderate pace. The Intermediate (and some advanced) repertoire is incorporated into this challenging, full body workout.
* Pre-requisite: 30 hours of Matwork experience at Beach Pilates or at Instructor’s approval based on Private Session assessment.

Pilates Mat Fusion

Mat Fusion is a full body Pilates Mat workout that encompasses all of the Pilates principles, while using props such as Therabands, balls, hand weights and rollers to enhance your muscular connections and mind-body experience. Modifications will be given, which makes this a class suitable for all levels. You will be working at a moderate pace in this workout, with emphasis on flow and endurance within an interval style format, which may cause you to sweat and get some cardio benefits.

Pilates Mat & Stretch

Pilates Mat & Stretch is an ALL LEVELS class which will focus on a balanced full body workout, with some added extra stretching thrown in for good measure. We’ll use props such as the Thera Band, foam roller, balls and more. This class is great addition to your weekly routine.

Healthy Backs

In Healthy Bones, we’ll work on accessing the deeper stabilizing muscles which support the joints of the spine, shoulders, hips and strengthen abdominals in this Mat-based Pilates class.
Deliberate movements that are controlled and co-ordinated will help you gain the deeper strength & endurance needed, and ‘turn on’ the smaller muscles that may be ‘sleeping’ due to pain, dysfunction and/or weakness. A comfortable and functional lifestyle is our goal!

Pilates for Weight Loss

This interval style class kicks your metabolism into high gear with its intensive and energy-boosting workout.
Take advantage of your body’s natural ability to burn fat throughout the day and also chase away stress, while building strength and endurance.
Interval rounds of very low impact cardio and strength sections, combined with active recovery will keep your body and mind challenged…. and warm!
Pilates mat work based intervals are combined in innovative and powerful sequences that gradually increase in rhythm & intensity to help rev up the body’s fat burning capacity.
* Indoor exercise shoes can be worn for the standing interval portion of the class.
** This class is suitable for those with no acute or recent injuries.

Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones class, is a Pilates workout that uses bone-strengthening techniques while focusing on alignment and balance. It targets the butt, hips, arms and back, while giving the whole body a terrific workout. The importance of weight-bearing exercise that loads and strengthens bone, as well as focusing on the abdominals (but without using “crunches,” which place the spine at risk for fracture) is a strong focus in our class.
If you have Low Bone Density, Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, then this is the class for you!
* All levels welcome and all people welcome. We all need to strengthen our bones 🙂

Pilates Mat Intervals

This Level 2 Mat class uses exercises from the Essential and Intermediate Pilates Mat repertoire and adds an element of interval training into the mix. You’ll perform timed intervals of simple patterns that will get your heart rate up, make your muscles work (ok… burn!) and rev up your metabolism.
** Warning: Sweating may occur!

Pilates / Yoga Flow

Pilates principles and alignment can compliment and enhance yoga poses and stretches that help to open the tighter areas of our body. You’ll flow through Pilates exercises that work on your strength, control, coordination and endurance and then reward your work with yoga inspired stretches.
This is a Level 1/2 class.

Mat and Sauna Combo

This All-Levels Pilates Mat class combines the best of benefits from Pilates Matwork along with the incredible benefits of sweat therapy in our exclusive far-infrared Sauna Cycle room.
We’ll start with 35 minutes of Pilates sculpting & stretching and then pair it with 20 minutes of cardio, riding our top of the line indoor cycles by Lemond in the Sauna Cycle room.
You will feel completely invigorated, muscles will feel released (along with any stress you might have had) and you’ll get the added benefits of detoxifying toxins and heavy metals out of your body through sweating. Prepare for a great nights sleep and a healthier you!
* For more information, see our Sauna Cycle page on the website.
** Indoor gym shoes or SPD clip shoes are necessary to ride the bikes

Pre Natal Pilates

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle (or bundles) of joy!
Pre Natal Pilates can be a safe and fun way to maintain your activity and fitness while you are progressing through the various stages of your pregnancy.
Help prevent or reduce pain that may be associated with your changing body and growing baby, strengthen muscles and increase co-ordination and energy levels. Work towards an easier birth and a speedier recovery.
** Please consult with your doctor before attending class to ensure the safety of yourself and your baby.

Post Natal Pilates

Congratulations! You have a new addition (or additions) to your family!
Getting back in shape after having a baby can seem an intimidating and time consuming task. But Pilates can help speed the process along. Pilates offers the perfect post-natal workout and can be practiced by new mothers in varying post-natal stages. Post Natal Pilates helps to re-gain the core strength in the abdominals, back and pelvis as you work towards a safe and effective recovery- taking into account any added injuries or imbalances. Easing back into your Pilates practice, you should have given yourself time for your abdominal muscles to recover prior to joining a postnatal Pilates Mat class. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 6 weeks and possibly longer depending on the specifics of your delivery.
** Babies 6 weeks until they are crawling are welcome!

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