bootybarre® PLUS

Your booty will NEVER be the same…or your arms, legs and abs!

The bootybarre® method is a Pilates based barre workout that incorporates elements of dance as well as yoga, into a full body, cardio and muscle class set to music. bootybarre® PLUS uses light hand weights to sculpt your upper body with high reps and low weights.  Sculpt arms, chisel legs and define all of the key areas that you didn’t even know existed!  This is a really fun class that’ll have you smiling as you do it, but remembering it the next day 🙂


bootybarre® Flex & Flow

bootybarre® Flex & Flow has all of the same great barre work for your legs and booty, with added amazing sculpting work using the TheraBand. Your heart will pump, you will glow, your arms, abs, booty and legs will all get a lot of attention…. in and out of the studio!! Set to music, this is a fun and challenging class for everyone. bootybarre® is strongly Pilates-based in its principles, incorporating elements of dance and yoga, for a fun and challenging workout. No dance experience required. All levels welcome.


bootybarre® Cardio Sclupt

Sculpt– Same great class….using movements that you’ve learned in PLUS and Flex & Flow…. but with the resistance bands with cuffs (for your hands and feet)!!  We’ll have cardio segments because we know how much you LOVE this part ;-). All of the full-body sculpting and stretching that you’ve come to enjoy in all of our bootybarre® classes, taken to the next level!

** Pre-Requisite:  Please  attend  PLUS &/or Flex & Flow class at least 5 times at Beach Pilates**

bootybarre® BURN

bootybarre® BURN torches calories and revs up your metabolism.  A few more cardio intervals are found in this class with the same great bootybarre® flow encouraging strength, focus on form and having fun!




$ 23

Single Class


$ 207

10 Pack