Mat Foundations

Pilates Mat Foundations is where you begin your Pilates journey. If you are new to Pilates this is a required group class to start you on your way to better posture, stronger core muscles, stable joints, and increased flexibility and mobility.
You’ll learn how to apply the Basic Principles of Pilates that are used continually within each exercise of this essential level, as you increase body awareness and coordination.
Don’t be shy —  Modifications are always given and we always have fun!


Mat Control (Level 1)

Pilates Mat Control is the next level after Foundations & is considered a Level 1 class.  You’ve learned the basics and now you are ready to continue developing full-body strength, flexibility and co-ordination into your weekly routine.  Variations and modifications are always given to accommodate all levels and abilities – which makes this class perfect to re-visit anytime along your Pilates journey.  * this class may use props such as: balls, Therabands, Magic circle, hand weights, foam rollers, etc. to either assist or challenge you!  There is a deliberate pace to each exercise…. we want you to feel it all.


Mat Intervals (Level 2)

This Level 2 Mat class uses exercises from the Level 1 and Intermediate Pilates Mat repertoire and adds an element of interval training into the mix.  You’ll perform intervals of simple patterns that will get your heart rate up, make your muscles work (ok… burn!)  and rev up your metabolism.

** Warning:  Sweating may occur!

Mat & Stability Ball (Level 1/2)

Have a ball (literally) in this class and challenge your core like never before!  Using the stability ball in this Pilates Mat class will have your body working from head to toe with stability & strength challenges.  We supply everything, so come on down!


Garuda® Mat 

GARUDA® – created by James D’Silva! GARUDA® is a blend of Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic®, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, and Alexander Technique influences, creating a unique holistic and enjoyable movement style and exercise.
Beach Pilates is very proud to be the 1st studio in Toronto to offer group GARUDA® classes.
With our GARUDA® classes, you’ll find  increased flexibility, strength, co-ordination & endurance with a greater sense of ease & well being, are all striking results of GARUDA® movement technique.
Find relaxation within the movements while still working with a strong, fluid, intentional motion.
The classes are designed to be challenging yet fun.
Put your mind back in touch with your body and start experiencing what GARUDA® can do for you.
All Levels welcome!

Pilates Sculpt

This interval style class ups your metabolism into high gear with this energy-boosting workout.
Take advantage of your body’s natural ability to burn fat throughout the day and chase away stress, while building strength and endurance.
Intervals of very low impact movement and Pilates mat work based intervals are combined in innovative and powerful sequences that gradually increase in rhythm & intensity to help rev up the body’s fat burning capacity.* Indoor exercise shoes can be worn for the standing interval portion of the class.

** This class is suitable for those with no acute or recent injuries.

Mat & Stretch

Pilates Mat & Stretch is an ALL LEVELS class will focus on a balanced full body workout, with some added extra stretching thrown in for good measure.  We’ll use props such as the Thera Band, foam roller, Pilates Magic Circle, balls and more.  This class is great addition to your weekly routine.


Pilates/Yoga Flow 

Pilates/Yoga Flow uses the Pilates principles and alignment can compliment and enhance yoga poses and stretches that help to open the tighter areas of our body. You’ll flow through Pilates exercises that work on your strength, control, coordination and endurance and then reward your work with yoga inspired stretches.
This is a Level 1/2 class.


Core & Stretch & Core & Roll

These classes are exactly what it sounds like…..Core work mixed with some stretching.  (remember:  your Core is NOT just your abdominals… you’ll work back muscles, hips and shoulders too!)

Both of these classes will incorporate the Foam Roller, and other props to help release tension and stress and to encourage a better stretch and more flexibility where needed.


TRX® Classes

These TRX® classes incorporate all of the Pilates principles as well as incorporating strength training using your own body weight (as opposed to resistance, such as the springs in Reformer or Tower classes).

Not recommended for those with severe recent injuries or chronic wrist/hand issues.


Abs & TRX®

Abs+TRX® is a 30 minute, come and get it, functional core class.  Perfect for an addition to your spin class, as a before or after your favourite Pilates Mat or bootybarre® class.

Come and get your Core on! All levels welcome!


TRX® Circuit/Total Body

TRX® Circuit and TRX® Total Body will have your muscles working and metabolism revving up in no time! This Circuit style class will have timed sections of work for each area and muscle group. Focus, hard work and sweat are all a part in reaching goals of any kind in life! Work hard – Play Harder! All levels welcome.



Modifications are given for any workout!

TRX® + Stretch

This TRX® class will have you sweating AND stretching… all in one! We’ll take you though bodyweight exercises from your head down to your toes for challenge AND stretching!  Come and get your body stable, strong and flexible! All levels welcome.




$ 23

Single Session


$ 207

10 Pack